1. Before my visit, please clear the area where I will need to work in order to minimise the number of surfaces that I will need to touch and objects that I might otherwise need to move out of theway. The more you move, the less you will need to disinfect after my visit. For example, if you need me to look at a problem with a tap,please assume that I will need to access the pipework underneath and that you need to clear the cupboard or shelves underneath. Please also move anything necessary to provide clearaccess to your mains stopcock (unless I can use your outside stopcock where your meter is). You may have isolating valves fitted to each tap, etc, but there is still the possibility that I will need to turn off the mains.

2. I will apply antibacterial hand gel before each visit and wear a face mask whenever we are in the same room together.

3. If possible, please open windows to improve ventilation in the house while I am working and after I leave, as ventilation is believed to reduce the likelihood of airborne contagion.

4. We must try to stay 2m apart at all times.

5. Although I normally appreciate being offered a cup of tea while I'm working, it is sensible not to at the moment. Sharing a mug is an unnecessary risk. I will keep a water bottle or thermos in my van instead.

6. I will bring my own bottle of liquid soap and wash my hands at the end of the job.

7. After I leave, please use disinfectant spray to disinfect taps, surfaces and door handles, etc where I have been working or that I am likely to have touched, and please ventilate the house.

8. Although I can accept cash or a cheque, my preferred means of payment is by BACS transfer. Please text me your email address (Steve: 07792229112) and I will send you an invoice with my bank details when I get home.
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